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by Kate Silver


In October 2022, Delta’s operations migrated over to the airline’s new home in Terminal 5. This move was a key part of the O’Hare 21 capital development plan, and included 10 newly renovated gates in Concourse M. The new space also includes a dazzling new Delta Sky Club.

In keeping with the artistic spirit of the reimagined space, Delta, which made a $50 million investment in its new home, made The Gallery at ORD, featuring large-scale neon art, sculpture and large-scale mixed media works featuring local Chicago artists curated through Delta Sky Club’s art program, an integral part of its premium new digs. Get to know a few of the artists showing at Terminal 5.

Chicago Red (42x42).jpg
Rine Waiting for Fred.jpg
Wendy Chidester
Rine Boyer
Waiting on Fred
Tytia Habing
Wishing Weeds


Based in Watson, Illinois — closer to St. Louis than Chicago — Habing is an editorial and fine arts photographer with a focus on nature, family, and the Midwest with a message of preserving Earth for future generations.

This self-taught photographer spent

many years working at the Cayman Islands Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, where she nurturedher never-ending fascination with capturing the beauty of nature.

Brammeier Knotted.jpg
Heather Brammeier


A local, large-scale, heavy metal sculptor, Dusty Folwarczny’s work can be found throughout Chicago at parks and within private, public, and corporate collections. The artist explores the tension between heavy metal and gravity, a good analogy of fying planes. Using salvaged steel to make strong abstract forms, part of Folwarczny’s process is to treat a pile of scrap steel as a puzzle needing to be solved.

Fun fact: Folwarczny’s dad owned a steel company.


Chicago-based artist Rine Boyer’s latest project is a series of figures who are the characters of City of Chicago. Each subject is based on someone Boyer has encountered in real life, while moving about the city. Each personality is given a symbolic shape based on Boyer’s imagined projections of what each subject is thinking at the time of their shared encounter. Boyer says, “I create an equilibrium while highlighting each unique personality through pattern and color.”

Red Ant on Log isolated.jpg
Victoria Fuller


Bryana Bibbs is a textile artist and art educator based in Chicago. She tells stories of her personal life using fiber, color, textures, and material. The repetitious technique of weaving, hand-spinning, and hand-carding is a cathartic release for Bibbs and allows her to tell her story. “After” is made from cotton and paper journals used by the artist to process a difcult time. After journaling 260 pages, Bibbs was ready to release them and heal. She hopes her art becomes a vehicle to help others refect on releasing difficult memories and emotions.


Born and raised in Chicago, painter Kathleen Eaton likes to capture theunexpected moments of solitude that occur in Chicago. One of thesemoments is reflected in “The El Curve at Lake Street” when all is quiet except the el train and the night lights give of a warm red glow to the streets of downtown Chicago. Formally trained at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Eaton has been producing paintings for over three decades with work acquired into private, public, and corporate collections nationwide. Her studio is in Sleepy Hallow, IL.

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