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Chicago’s distinctive and well-established Irish heritage
is on full display in Beverly. Not only is this iconic neighborhood the annual host of Chicago’s famed, four-decade old St. Patrick’s DaySouth Side Parade (sadly postponed by COVID for the last 2 years), it is also where you’ll find the city’s most impressive throng of Irish bars and pubs tucked cheek by jowl along Western Avenue. Fittingly, Beverly is home to two of Chicago’s most unique local craft breweries — Open Outcry, known for its signature brews, rooftop beer garden, warehouse-like taproom and Neapolitan pizzas, and Horse Thief Hollow, where southern accented fare meets Chicago’s most award-winning brews in a 90-seat space that was formerly a carpet store. Food, fun and drinks aside, perhaps the most impressive asset of the Beverly neighborhood is the architecture. With one of the largest historic districts in the country, Beverly is a showcase for a multitude of architectural styles by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright and many of his contemporaries. The area even boasts a castle, the design of which was inspired by a medieval castle once situated between Dublin and Belfast. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, it is the only castle in Chicago.

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