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Dear Traveler:


Welcome to springtime in the greatest city in the world! 


Whether you’re here for spring break or passing through on business, you have picked an excellent time to visit. After a long winter, our beautiful city is filled with sunny days with cool Lake Michigan breezes on the horizon.


This is the perfect time of year to check out some of the Chicago Park District’s stunning landscapes, facilities, and programs — read more about those in the Urban Wellness guide on pg. 56.


The City of Chicago is gearing up to host many exciting events this summer, a phenomenal opportunity to showcase our city’s diverse culture, our 77 vibrant neighborhoods, and our renowned hospitality industry. Read more about events in Chicago on pg. 52. 


No trip to Chicago is complete without a meal at one of our world-class restaurants, and this issue of Air Chicago Magazine has you covered on culinary events of the year including a preview of the James Beard Foundation Awards on pg. 52.


On behalf of all Chicagoans, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit to Chicago. We can’t wait to see you come back again soon.



Brandon Johnson


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