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Belgrade is often considered one of Europe’s hidden gems. Discover the rich history, vibrant culture and competing nightlife of this thriving metropolis. Belgrade has the convenience of being very walkable with many discoveries within a short distance. 


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Located where the Dunable and Sava Rivers meet, Belgrade has incredible water views. With a population of nearly 1,700,000 people in its metropolitan area, the city is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. In fact, the city dates back more than 7,000 years and is reported to have been destroyed and rebuilt more than 40 times. Belgrade’s enduring history of rule by various empires and kingdoms allows for a rich cultural heritage and architectural diversity.

Belgrade’s beautiful blend of old and new can be seen through its emerging culinary scene, thriving bars and nightlife, and cobblestone streets. Visitors can stroll around Knez Mihailova Street or the Skadarlija area to experience the vibrant energy of Belgrade, soak up the hospitality of extraordinary hotels, and indulge in an array of remarkable cuisine.


What to Do:

Belgrade’s rich history and numerous attractions provide countless opportunities to explore the city’s unique culture. Landmarks, museums, and monumental spots are located in every direction.

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The National Museum of Serbia

The National Museum of Serbia is a great place to get your bearings while visiting Belgrade, Serbia. Here, visitors will learn about the country’s culture through an impressive collection of artifacts from prehistoric times to modern-day ones. The museum’s collection speaks to its medieval past, Ottoman Rule, World War II, and Serbia today, even offering a peek into the work of famous artists such as Petar Lubarda. 


Belgrade's Museum of Contemporary Art

Rich for its deep dive into Serbian art as well as other international works, Belgrade’s Museum of Contemporary Art provides visitors the unique opportunity to check out its world-renowned collection. The modern institution, which is in Belgrade’s Ušće neighborhood focuses on art from the 20th century.

Nikola Tesla Museum

Dedicated to the life and work of Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American inventor, and futurist, the Nikola Tesla Museum showcases Tesla’s incredible findings. With interactive exhibits, features of his own drawings and personal belongings as well as photographs on display, visitors can learn about the magnitude of the engineer’s impact. 

Belgrade Fortress--Courtesy of Andrija Sokovic--Istock.jpg

Belgrade Fortress 

Belgrade Fortress, also known as Kalemegdan, is a great place to start your adventure. At its core, the landmark speaks to Serbia’s rich heritage and serves as a major representation of its legacy. Its hilltop location over the city allows you to catch incredible views while taking a history lesson.

Credit: Baloncici

Credit: Andrija Sokovic

Museum of Contemporary Art

Nikola Tesla Museum

Where to Stay:

Hotel Moskva 

For an unforgettable experience, stay at what is one of the city’s most prominent architectural jewels, Hotel Moskva. Since opening in 1908, the hotel has been dedicated to unmatched levels of hospitality and charm. The grand historic property has outlived two world wars and continues to gleam with beauty. 

Location: Balkanska 1, Beograd 11000, Serbia 


Hotel Nine 

Located in the heart of old-world Belgrade lies the luxurious Hotel Nine. An elegant aesthetic, unique pool, and high-end spa equipped with a steam room and sauna make the design-forward hotel a top-notch stay. Additionally, it houses the Michelin-awarded Japanese restaurant Ebisu.

Location: Studentski trg 9, Beograd 103933, Serbia 


Metropol Palace Hotel 

Land in the Metropol Palace Hotel, a renovated inn full of grandeur. The property is notable for its location in the Palilula neighborhood, a shopping district that is close to Belgrade’s finest major attractions. Here, guests can dine in style, relax in its tranquil suites, and soak up the scenery of the outdoor patio. 

Location: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 69, Beograd 11000, Serbia 


Eden Hotel 

A great value option, the Eden Hotel, rests at the heart of the capital city center. Here, guests are provided with amenities and greeted by a kind staff. With shopping and sightseeing highlights nearby, this inn is a great starting point for Belgrade.

Location: Terazije 13, Beograd 11000, Serbia 

Courtesy of Hotel Nine 5.jpg

Part of what makes Belgrade an exciting destination is its vibrant culinary scene. Whether you are looking for traditional Serbian cuisine or international meals, there is a robust number of eateries to enjoy.

Hotel Nine

Where to Eat

Courtesy of Toro Latin Gastrobar 3.jpg

Toro Latin Gastrobar

Courtesy of Manufaktura 3.png



For live music and fantastic eats, head to Manufaktura. Restaurant guests enjoy the mouth-watering flavors of delicatessen meats, organic produce, and carefully crafted desserts. Also, the restaurant places emphasis on its wine collection, sourced from distilleries across Serbia. 

Location: Kralja Petra 13, Beograd 11000, Serbia 



This restaurant offers fine dining with a contemporary twist on Serbian cuisine. Since Homa is firm on providing its guests with the utmost fresh of ingredients, its menu changes frequently to match the produce in season. There are eight and six-course dining options available as well as a unique chance to try a variety of listed wines. 

Location: Žorža Klemansoa 19, Belgrade, Serbia 


Kokos Bistro by Just Raw 

If you are looking for healthy, nutritious, and vegan food while in Belgrade, Kokos is ideal. The vegan and raw food eatery is known for its use of fresh ingredients as well as its powerful flavors. With plant-based recipes and unprocessed foods on deck, customers leave the establishment both satisfied and fulfilled. 

Location: Nušićeva 7a, Beograd, Serbia 


Toro Latin Gastrobar 

Toro Latin Gastrobar, a restaurant that fuses Latin American and Asian flavors, offers incredibly delightful creations. Its atmosphere is trendy and chic, appealing to both locals and tourists. Chef-owner Richard Sandoval places emphasis on the beauty of small plates designed for sharing. With its colorful culinary presentations and innovative cocktails, the restaurant rings with authenticity and artistry. 

Location: Karađorđeva 2, Beograd 11000, Serbia 

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